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Joyful Learning Laboratory - Science for Curious Kids
Live, online, hands-on science for curious kids

Hello! I’m so glad you’re here! 

We're unlike any science class you’ve ever taken. We LOVE getting curious each week with a new hands-on experiment that uses materials you’ll find in your pantries, cupboards, and art drawers! I believe we are all born scientists! We neither need fancy equipment nor to wait until we’re older to enjoy it. When learning is fun and focused a whole world of possibilities opens before you. 


My small classes ensure a ton of personal attention, which helps your child grow exponentially over the course! 

  • Imagine your child is in a space created for them to feel good, be seen, encouraged, and celebrated by their teacher

  • Your child can ask for directions 10 times in a row and be thanked 10 times in a row for advocating for their needs

  • They can fail at the experiment and be cheered on to try again because all great scientists experience setbacks

  • They can have a new idea and try it in real time because it could lead to a profound discovery


The smallest things can have the biggest impact. And I want to return to that point now to say that the smallest gesture of giving a child permission to take their time and do it again - and again - can serve to completely change their sense of themselves as someone who is good at science. Or any subject. 


Can you imagine this? Can you imagine your child in a container that centers this amount of spaciousness, joy, and acceptance of every strength they bring to this community of learners? Can you imagine how this would make them feel about themselves?


I would love for you to find out by joining us! Check out the classes open for registration, and I’ll be seeing you in the lab!


Love, Caitlin

The Science Teacher of Your Dreams

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