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I'm Caitlin.
The science teacher you WISH you had growing up!

Joyful Mission

Show children and families that science is accessible and available to them at any age. In this loving and supportive space, we celebrate all learners with innovative experiments and activities. We plant seeds (literally), delve into the chemistry of ice cream (then make it and eat it!), and explore alien worlds in outer space (and hypothesize what it would take to visit).

Joyful Approach

Joyful Learning Laboratory is a space for children to experience science through hands-on lessons that center on exploration, discovery, and celebration rather than test scores.

As a single mom and science teacher for the last decade, I know how important it is to find a program that works for your WHOLE family, as well as fostering skills that prepare your kids for a successful school year.



Occidental College

BA Geology and Theater


Chemistry and Science Resource Teacher



Elementary Science Curriculum Coach

Castro Valley 


Interviewed on

Inside Out Leaders


Mills College

Credentialed Geoscience and Chemistry


Middle School Science Teacher

San Leandro 


Guest Speaker

Crystal Langen Coaching


Interviewed on 

Sprouting Minds


Chemistry Teacher McClymmonds High School


8th Grade

Science Teacher
Impact Academy


Interviewed on

Kid Nation


Interviewed on Buddhability
Part 1 | Part 2

Joyful Pledge

I am a master at building relationships through personalized encouragement, individualized feedback, and infectious positivity. Your child’s happiness is my highest priority, and together we will discover their scientific superpowers through laughter, love, and wonder.

Let's get curious, ask lots of questions, maybe get a little messy, and uncover our superpowers as scientists together!


The Parent
I was so scared of teaching science to my daughter. I didn't want to do it wrong. But since she took your Dope Science course, I feel like I now have the confidence to interact with her and with science, just by listening to how you taught her.


The Kiddo (6 yrs old)
I love this class for 3 reasons: It has an awesome teacher, I get to make new friends, and I learn great science!

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