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05. Saturday Science! July 29th @1pm

Elephant Toothpaste!

  • 44 US dollars

Available spots


For ages 4-14, The #1 experiment from Joyful Learning Laboratory, as voted by young scientists is happening today! Get ready for colorful, oozy, fabulous Elephant Toothpaste (which has nothing to do with elephants… or, with toothpaste either!) This classic chemical reaction will have your kiddo asking for MORE! Important note: This experiment calls for Hydrogen Peroxide, which is found at most grocery and drug stores for less than $5. There is NO SUBSTITUTE for it, so please make sure to have this ready to go before the class begins! Empty water bottle Yeast Warm water Dish soap Food coloring Hydrogen Peroxide (there is NO substitute for this ingredient; make sure to have this ready to go!) ¼ cup measurement tablespoon Optional, but recommended: Plate, bowl, or baking dish to catch the ooze

Cancelation Policy

All sales are final with no refund for attending a partial session.

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